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Itasca Area Schools Collaborative Members

Deer River ISD 317 Floodwood ISD 698 Grand Rapids ISD 318 Greenway ISD 316 Hill City ISD 2 Naskwauk-Keewatin ISD 319 Northland Community Schools ISD 118 Itasca Communty College

The Itasca Area Schools Collaborative (IASC), under a joint powers agreement, was formed in August 2005 to bring new focus to a partnership of area school districts seeking increased educational opportunities for students.

As a result of strong existing collaborations among the districts in a number of different areas, the districts analyzed, explored, redefined, and expanded its focus to increased educational opportunities for learners by increasing cooperation and coordination among school districts, other governmental units, and post-secondary institutions.

Leveraging relationships and trust between districts, IASC intends to achieve education transformation and improve sustainable education outcome through strengthened partnerships and cooperation, state of the art architectures, integration of functions, and enhanced stakeholder understanding.


Collaborate to most efficiently and effectively educate all learners.


Be the trusted provider of education, promoting economic opportunity and life-long learning for the Itasca Area.

Overarching Strategy:

Achieve education transformation and improve sustainable educational outcomes through strengthened partnerships and cooperation, state-of-the-art architectures, integration of function, and enhanced stakeholder understanding.



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